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Our Services

At Urban Legends Professional Development, we provide a range of services to help communities achieve real equity in education. Our services include strategic planning, story telling workshops, and professional development for educators. We work with school districts, community organizations, and individual educators to develop plans that address the unique needs of their students. Our workshops and training sessions are designed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills they need to create a more inclusive and equitable learning environment. We believe that by working together, we can create a better future for all children, regardless of their background.

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EmPOWERment Through
Co-Creation of Learning


During this session, participants will define true co-creation and use research-based strategies to update upcoming lessons or presentations in order to truly engage their participants.

One-On-One Tutoring

Is Belonging All That Really Matters? 

During this presentation, participants work on defining true “BELONGING” and work to plan opportunities for deepening connections through intentionally creating spaces of true belonging

school boy smiling
School Teacher

The Power of a Caring Teacher

During this session, teachers will reflect on ways that really show our students that we care.  Additionally, the Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards of Illinois provide a Framework against which we can plan, design together and then measure our impact

Reimagining Justice;
Reimagining Our Equity Work


During this workshop, participants take a step back and work on examining their possible blind spots and areas of reflection needed to engage more deeply with members of their school communities.

Classmates in Library
Image by Susan Q Yin
 "Since 2007 when Dr. McDaniel-Hall became the first person to hire me as a teacher, she has been someone I could always reach out to for professional and personal advice no matter what position I held. Her calm yet excited disposition in every encounter built a level of trust in our relationship that I knew that no matter what my next goal was in life, she would be willing to be my support. Therefore, when I decided to return to work on my doctorate degree, she was the first person I called to share my intentions. Upon reaching the milestone to choose a dissertation chair, she again was the first person I called. Throughout the process, she has been a constant advisor with her wealth of knowledge in, not only teaching but also leading."

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