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We are all about changing the narrative - one student, one story, one district, and one legend at a time! 

We’re going to create a new story, a story that celebrates anyone in our school communities who positively impacts lives. Guests will include students, teachers, paraprofessionals, community partners, parents, administrators, support personnel – anyone and we mean ANYONE who has a story of success, a story of hope, a story from which we can all learn. Too often, these stories take place in isolation. But each of you knows this person or people we’re describing. Those people who when faced with ANY situation, still made outstanding things happen. If we were to continue to let the media shape our thinking, we’d never hear about the great teaching and learning, leadership and partnerships we’ve all experienced.

Although we acknowledge the economic disparities and the other challenges those of us who work in urban schools have faced and continue to face – we also acknowledge that there are many success stories. These stories must be told.

It’s about time that we change the narrative. It’s about time that we celebrate our legends – our heroes – those making the magic happen every single day…our Urban Legends!

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