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REAL LEGEND- Martiaè Jenkins-Alexander

Martiaè Jenkins-Alexander, Ed.S. is an abolitionist educator, connector, and liberation seeker, that takes to heart the idea that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. Growing up in the Midwest as the grand- daughter of Mississippi born sharecroppers, the experiences and influence of family and community members early in her life highlighted the critical role that education in tandem with intentional mentorship has in self-actualizing one's greatest potential. Now, as a vision anchored Chicago-based education leader, Martiaè leverages systems thinking, insight, and strategy to align people, values, and purpose ensuring access to affirming experiences. She believes in the power of co-creating a shared mission informed by community values as advocacy for access and options for all students. An insatiable curiosity and commitment to servant leadership has thrust her into strategic thought partnership with school and district leadership to ensure equitable outcomes. She most recently was a 2021 Surge Chicago Fellow, Resident Principal with the Chicago Leadership Collaborative and subsequently accepted a role on the Southwest side of Chicago.

Martiaè navigates the complexities of intersecting identities mindfully, being Black, womanist and first generation. She uses transparency about these identities to create pathways for others, sustain wellness for herself, and promote/develop these practices in those she leads. Beginning her career in Atlanta Public Schools, then transitioning to Chicago Public Schools thereafter, and serving as an Associate Director for the Chicago Teacher Residency, her experiences span multiple populations and needs. Building relationships, teams, and offering thought partnership across urban communities in over 35 schools, she continues to actualize her belief that community is central to liberation.

For over a decade, her specific focus on developing the capacity of adults and children alike as an instructional strategist, non-profit leader, academic coach, and school leader has impacted more than 3,000 students. With this in mind, she founded The Seed Alliance to support instructional leaders and teams through leadership development and strategy focused innovation labs.

You can find more information and stay connected with her here:

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